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Exploited College Girls - Marissa - New January 19 2012,ExploitedCollegeGirls

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Exploited College Girls - Marissa - 18 - UNLV - First Time Amateur Porn

Released : January 198, 2012

EyeColor: Blue

You know, there's just something about a girl who likes ass play. Marissa here is the surprise winner in this week's Kinky Koeds competition (quit searching for it, I just made that up). She can say that she's an "angel" all she wants, fact is that Marissa likes fingers and vibrators in her ass. Her pussy creams up and she cums that way. She's also a little attention whore. She goes out of her way to look into the camera whenever she thinks she's doing something particularly hot. Thankfully, she's right every time. Another example of how much she craves attention is when Jay sets up cameras in between positions and she asks "Do you want to see how flexible I am?" - and then contorts herself into the hottest pretzel this side of New York. So hot in fact that Jay drops everything and eats her out while she has her legs behind her head. She loves to be eaten out btw. She also loves girls but that's for another time. Maybe. Not sure Marissa will be back because she doesn't really strike me as the type who goes on to do a bunch of shoots. She tells us that she's having a fight with her boyfriend...(and this is payback?) But then again, doing porn IS great for attention...
So I'm told I'm going on too long in these descriptions so here are some highlights. Great girl, great positions, very hot sex, way too good at giving blowjobs for her age, she creams up during sex and cums a lot, doesn't want to suck on Jay's balls until he tells her he can't pay her until she does, and she's surprised and disgusted by the gigantic cum facial at the end. So there. Now go wank.

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