Vero VISI v19.0 MULTiLANGUAGE | 1.7 Gb

Vero Software, a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the tooling industry, are pleased to present the latest release of its flagship product VISI 19 through a number of UK open houses running over 5 days in July. Due for a Summer release, the latest product offering represents a continued focus on tool design and manufacture and includes a host of productivity enhancements including core 3D CAM development, 64Bit support, JT Open and further migration of PEPS capabilities onto the VISI platform.

VISI Modelling is the base application for all VISI products and V19 delivers CAD enhancements that include an updated GUI with improved user interaction, new blending capabilities, support for the widely adopted JT Open format, improved 3D annotation with geometric & surface tolerances, advanced profile offset and graphical texture mapping.

VISI Mould enhancements include an a new Assembly Tool Manager to handle multi-level tool structures, and provide the ability to generate specific tree hierarchy structures for the creation of partial BOM lists. VISI Flow development include a new part quality tool with potential remedy suggestions for each problem area and improved filling analyses and flow balancing due to the fine tuning of melt compressibility at end of the filling phase.

For sheet metal stamping, VISI Progress enhancements include three new dedicated routines to manage complex springback based on results from CMM machines, 3rd party FEA systems and bend section geometry. Each routine includes skimming capabilities to reduce point clutter and allows the operator to define an additional percentage to over compensate for the springback deformation.

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