It is the dawn of a new era for games real time strategy (RTS). The rise of a brave new world: a world hostile yet beautiful, dominated by an innovative gameplay, new scenarios, graphics and more detail sublime.

Welcome to a world called Age of Empires III.

New Feature: metropolis Players have access to their own European cities for financial support, technological and military. The success of your metropolis is in your hands and improvements in your city are preserved from one item to another. You are the leader of the colony, but your success back the glory to your native Europe. The more and better game play, the more powerful your Home City will become. Every few games, you gain the ability to improve and customize the metropolis:

Unlock new types of soldiers or buildings, or improving those that already have to develop the city. Broaden your tech tree in the direction that best suits your style of play, invest in warships, native alliances, cavalry, artillery or economy. Modifies the appearance of buildings, the weather or even the kind of people who walk, work or perform entertainment in the streets to personalize your city. During the game and between games, you can visit the metropolis to observe the lives of its citizens, assess your progress, plan your next move or just marvel at the breathtaking sunset. Discover their full 3D graphics, destructible environments and more.


Minimum Requirements

-Processor: 1.4 GHz
-Memory: 256 MB RAM
3d-Card: 64 MB VRAM TYL HWT Support
-Directx: v9c

Serial Age 3: DXR32-X44M7-CYTCX-P6H6P-97CPG


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Download Links: