Camtasia Studio 7.1 Build 1631 | 174 MB

Made through the program video can be exported to one of the supported file formats - AVI, SWF, FLV, MOV, WMV, RM, GIF, CAMV. In addition, on the basis of any video can be compiled executive exe-file, which will include an embedded player. Camtasia Studio allows you to impose a number of effects that can work with individual staff, facilitates the recording, editing and publication of high-compressed video for training, education, distance education, solutions and technical support, product demonstrations, sales presentations, etc.

Video Compression Camtasia Studio developers offer users to use their "firm" Codec TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC). This codec has shown good results when encoding an image at any color depth. His algorithm is minimal load on the system, so the codec can be used to encode, even on very weak configurations.
Camtasia Studio includes four utilities: Camtasia MenuMaker, Camtasia Player, Camtasia Theater and the Camtasia Recorder. To work with all of these tools is the main program interface.
Scope of Camtasia Studio can be very different. According to the developers, the program can be useful, at least fifty different situations. It can be used to create interactive help files, demonstrations of new software features to record demos of applications and computer games, etc.

What's New in This Release:

* Added the ability to have your content searchable when produced and uploaded to including screen text from PowerPoint, Caption text or Table of Contents text
* Added improved support for files coming from Camtasia Relay
* Added TUDI (TechSmith User Design Initiative) functionality
* Added support to the TSCC video codec for 64-bit operating systems

Camtasia Studio:
* Added the ability to import and export caption files including SRT, SMI formats
* Added automatic captioning capability with speech to text ability
* Updated the capabilities of captions to function more like callouts
* Improved the manual caption workflow to allow sequentially appended captions
* Improved the callout and caption interaction so that callouts will no longer block captions in produced video
* Added the ability to customize the font size, color and type within captioning as well as the background color and basic text editing capabilities
* Improved and fixed many items related to adjusting clip speed on the timeline
* Added a new Flash controller in production options
* Updated the Flash options page for Flash format productions
* Added a new iPad production and editing preset
* Addressed some memory leaks that could cause Camtasia Studio to become unresponsive or crash
* Addressed an issue that could cause projects with many callouts to not produce or crash Camtasia Studio
* Fixed an issue with Keystroke Callouts not working properly when the product language version doesn't match with the keyboard input language
* Fixed an issue with large MP4 files creating a blank thumbnail in the clip bin and a "No codec" error when added to timeline
* Fixed an issue that could cause a Table of Contents error when uploading to even when no Table of Contents is used
* Fixed an issue that could cause Camtasia Studio to crash when signing into through the production wizard and no Internet connection is available
* Fixed an issue with batch production of camrec files with system audio to MP4 could result in no audio in produced file
* Addressed an issue that could cause video artifacting when producing to the MOV format with the EnSharpen video codec
* Addressed an issue that would cause markers for PPT slides to be a few frames later than they should be on the timeline
* Fixed an issue that could cause the transparency setting for callouts to be reset incorrectly between projects

Camtasia Recorder:
* Fixed an issue that could cause Camtasia Recorder to crash when stopping the recording
* Fixed an issue that could cause an incorrect "Not enough disk space" error message in Recorder when starting the recording process
* Addressed an issue that could cause a cursor to not get recorded when choosing to record to the AVI file format instead of a camrec file
* Added the Hide Recorder command line option back into Recorder

Year: 2010
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: english
Medicine : Cracked
Size: 171.15 MB