Windows 8 Extreme Edition R2 (x86/x64) Activated

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Windows 8? Extreme Edition® R2 - 32bit Edition/ 64bit Edition - Final - Activated
? Incl. Many Extra Usefull Apps
Released : January 26, 2013

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Changes Made from version R1 (32bit version):
* Removed Office 2013
* Removed old activator and used new kms activator in this release.
* Added new Softwares, updates, drivers and updated existing Softwares of previous release.
* fixed black screen issue caused by nvidia driver on some PCs.
* fixed activation related issues and black screen issues caused by buggy activator.
* fixed start8 startmenu not working on some PC.

* There was no R1 version released for 64bit edition. Only 32bit R1 edition was released before.
* This OS is not for tablets.
* This OS is based on Windows 8 Pro Edition 32bit.
* OS will be activated at 1st logon using kms activator and will remain activated for 6 months from the date you install. You can install updates without any problem unless specified. After 6 months you have to use activator again to extend the activation period.
* Softwares included are full version,if you don?t need any installed softwares,you can just uninstall it after installing the OS.
* This OS installation size is bigger because of softwares, updates and drivers included.
* Read description below for more detailed info.

Minimum System Requirements :
- 32bit Edition
* 1 GHz CPU(with PAE, NX and SSE2 support)
* DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
* 15GB HDD space
- 64bit Edition
* 1 GHz CPU(with PAE, NX and SSE2 support)
* DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
* 23GB HDD space

Installation :
* Create bootable DVD from the ISO file and install the OS by booting the DVD. You will need dual layer DVD to burn this because of its size.
* You can also make bootable USB flash drive using following tool and boot from that flash drive to install the OS.
Download the tool from HERE
Download Links:
Download Links:
* you can mount the ISO to virtual drive and start setup.exe to install the OS.
* You can extract all files from ISO to HDD and run setup.exe to install the OS.
* You can also run setup.exe on 32bit OS. It will allow you to install the OS to new partition, but as usual you can?t upgrade from 32bit to 64bit.

* Now you can install this OS from any 32bit OS too.
* Extra drivers for almost all devices.
* Out of box security using Comodo Internet Security suite preinstalled.
* Advanced WinPE bootmenu for easy setup and useful utilities.
* Activated Windows 8,no need to waste time finding activators.
* Advanced context menu entries to get quicker access to system functions.
* Changed boot entry specially for this OS to easily select OS if you have multiple versions of Windows OS installed.
* Based on Windows 8 Professional 32bit/64bit (RTM).
* Updated with latest hotfixes and patches.
* Patched uxtheme files for 3rd party themes support.
* Included Utilities for troubleshooting purpose.
* Automated Setup, just few clicks and your windows will be ready to use after setup!
* Automatic Activation, enjoy the free genuine windows.
* New default theme, plus more 3rd party theme included.
* Tweaked for better performance and usability.
* Added general applications which mostly users use daily on PC! ( This may not cover apps for particular user ).
* TuneUP Utilities included for tuning PC as you need.
* Integrated all hotfixes upto January 2013 ( check control panel for list ).
* Added New Themes.
* New wallpapers.
* 79 new cursors.
* Tabbed Windows Explorer browsing with qttabbar.
* Included sidebar from windows 7 with lots of useful gadgets.( gadgets not loaded by default,you need to manually select and load gadgets from desktop context menu.)

Apps Included (All Full versions, Preinstalled) :
# OS Functionality #

- Windows Sidebar with gadgets ( You need to run sidebar manually from desktop )
- qttabbar ( Tabbed Windows Explorer browsing)
- Diskeeper 2012 v16.0.1017 ( A must have system tool for any PC,run in background, auto defrags HDD and keeps system healthy and faster.)
- Start8 1.1( Briging startmenu back in Win8)
- Unlocker 1.9.1 ( Unlocks locked files used by system,so you can delete/move them.)
- Added runtime files needed for old VB6 based softwares.
- Added systemtools in control panel ( like CPU-Z, GPU-Z, HDTune and more.check control panel)
- Patched Uxtheme file for 3rd party theme support.
- Added SysinternalSuite for troubleshooting purpose.
- .net Framework 3.5
- Java Runtime Environment v7 Update 11
- DirectX 9.0c Latest.
- Included all updates as of January 2013.

# Apps #

- 7-zip 9.30
- CCleaner 3.26
- K-lite Mega Codec Pack 9.7.0
- Notead++ 6.2.3
- Nero 12 Lite Edition
- Winrar 4.20
- UltraISO
- Firefox 18
- Driver Magician 3.71 Pro
- TuneUp Utilities 2013
- InternetDownloadManager 6.14
- Comodo Internet Security Premium 2013

# Extras #

- Wallpapers
- Themes
- Cursors

Tweaks Included:
- Faster shutdown.
- Faster startup ( disabled group-policy syncronization on logon )
- Register/unregister context menu entry for dll & OCX files .
- Show My Computer, Documents & Network icons on Desktop.
- Add Useraccounts 2 on ControlPanel.
- Auto Arrange desktop icons
- "Take Ownership" in context menu
- Additional Avlon Effect ( DWM )
- Slow Motion Effect ( DWM )
- PowerOff after shutdown
- Windows will tell you exactly what it is doing when it is shutting down or is booting ( you can see it on logon screen )
- Add "Explore from here" context menu while right clicking on folders ( very useful for win7 startmenu )
- Show hidden files & show extensions by default.
- Enable ClearType Tuning
- Added 'Copy to Folder' and 'Move to Folder' to right click context menu
- Added 'open with notepad' to right context
- Added "Advanced System Properties", device manager, services to right-click on Computer
- Faster browsing with IE.
- Makecab and Expand in context menu ( Shift + right click )
- "Open Command Prompt Here as Administrator" in context menu
- "Unpack MSI" in context menu for MSI files.
- Various desktop context menu tweaks.
- UAC Administrative notification is disabled by default.

Integrated Drivers :

( Windows 8 Includes most of device drivers for devices manufactured before 2012 )
- ATI 13.1
- Audio Devices (soundmax,asus,realtek,c-media,creative)
- Card Readers
- Chipsets
- Mass Storage
- WiFi


- Setup menu after booting from DVD/USB drive

- Windows Activated (kms activattion for 6 months)

Enjoy This Wonderful release

Windows 8 Extreme Edition R2 - 32bit Edtion - Activated

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Windows 8 Extreme Edition R2 - 64bit Edition - Activated

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